Hugo Hanssen

My name is Hugo an I started acrobatics in 1994 with the daughter of a gymteacher.

I got the acro-virus after that and attended every acro weekend I could find.

I teach partner-acro/hand-to-hand at beginner and intermediate level, but I also like to share my comments on advanced tricks, banquine and more.
I hope you will come out and play!

Bart Venne

With acrobats for parents Bart has done acrobatics for as long as he can remember.

At 16 he began training under professional acrobatics trainers.

He holds regular acrobatic classes in his home town, teaches at acrobatics festivals, gives workshops across Europe and organises acrobatics conventions.

When teaching his ethos is that everyone should have fun by improving and he finds it equally important to recognise what works, as well pointing out what could use a little "improvement" ;)


Neilon joins us from Brighton and will be teaching AcroYoga. He has been practicing for 5 years and is a Level 2 AcroYoga certified teacher.

His approach is fun and lighthearted with an eye for detail and a constant quest for understanding what makes things work.

Workshops be predominantly L-basing and will cover alignment, connection, transitions and washing machines.

Scott and Michaela

Micheala likes to be lifted and thrown about. Scott likes to lift and
throw things. These are not just Acro teachers, these are M&S Acro

We started out with parkour and cheerleading but these days acro has
taken over. The joy of practising and teaching along with the amazing
people we meet has meant that acrobalance is fast becoming our lives.

Here is a nice quote from a new friend at a recent convention: "I
wanted to say thanks to you two in particular for training with me and
coaching me so much. You're both the perfect combination of really
knowledgeable and fun to be around."

Jesse Saunders

Poceczka are an Acro-balance duo formed in 2010 by Jesse Saunders and Marijke Vermeir.

Beautiful fluid movements and charismatic energy make their shows a real treat for audiences of all ages and backgrounds, and they have a number of shows that are suitable for all venues.

With a wealth of teaching experience they deliver exciting and transformational workshops for both children and adults.

Jaqui Wan

Jaqui is a supportive yet challenging teacher. Her practice is both powerful and dynamic but she also encourages playful collaboration and connection.

Jaqui is a certified yoga, AcroYoga teacher and bodywork practitioner. She was one of the first certified teachers in AcroYoga and was partly responsible for introducing this new and exciting form to the UK. She has for the past years focused her energies on European acrobatics and is a keen base and flyer.